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Microsoft Teams Voice Integration

Maximize your communications tools by integrating Microsoft Teams with any existing phone system (PBX) to make and receive calls on the MS Teams app on any device, anywhere.


Microsoft Teams Calling

Voice-enable Microsoft Teams with the flexibility of Leap Telecom.

On a Video Call

Direct Call Routing

Take MS Teams to the next level by using it as your phone system and receive 99.999% reliability by routing your phone service through

Leap Telecom.

Teams Collaboration

Seamlessly switch between video conference calling, instant messaging, real-time document collaboration, and file sharing, individually or altogether as needed—all within a single window.

No Hardware Investment, Secure Encryption

Leap will provide a Microsoft-certified SBC infrastructure built for you with end-to-end encryption

White Glove Support

From configuration to management and monitoring, our team handles the integration to MS Teams for you.

Find the right MS Teams solution for your business.

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Benefits Of Using Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing refers to the process of connecting MS Teams to the PSTN. With the add-on Phone System feature within Office 365, employees can make and receive external calls from the MS Teams native dialpad. Previously, connecting Microsoft Teams with existing phone lines and voice services was complicated and expensive. Now, you can be up and running in a few minutes, and no hardware, software or servers to be deployed.

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Microsoft Teams + BYOC

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  • Your business can use Microsoft Teams as your phone system to make and receive calls on any device. 


  • Increase employee efficiency with voice enablement.

  • Support remote workers with the MS Teams mobile app + Leap Telecom voice services so no one ever misses an important call.

  • No trunk or concurrent channel restrictions so you'll never get a busy tone.

  • Reliability of Microsoft Teams certified infrastructure without needing capital expenditure and installation.

  • Enterprise-grade security from high-availability Azure data centers.

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Use a trusted service provider, such as Leap Telecom, to connect MS Teams to any existing PBX...meaning you can keep your phone system and hardware investment

Work Anywhere

Microsoft Teams can be installed on any PC, Mac or mobile device so now your team can make and receive work calls from your phone system wherever they are. 

Keep Your Phone


Integrate your Leap Cadence PBX or any existing PBX to Microsoft Teams...meaning you can keep your phone system and hardware investment.

Keep Your
Team Secure

Get end-to-end security, administrative control and compliance - all powered by Office 365.

Find the right MS Teams solution for your business.

Works With Any Phone System

 A few supported providers. For complete list, contact us in the above form.

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