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Microsoft Teams Voice Integration

We offer more flexible solutions for Microsoft Teams Voice Integration than anyone else, making it easier than ever for your business to use Microsoft Teams as your phone system to make and receive calls on any device. 

Leap is different, we offer more Microsoft Teams Voice-Enabled solutions than anyone else.

Leap offers many ways to integrate Microsoft Teams with voice calling. But implementing a voice-enabled Microsoft Teams solution can seem confusing especially when most companies can only provide your business with one of the possible solutions available -  and their one solution may not work for your situation. 


Work with Leap for your Voice-Enabled Microsoft Teams integration and you’ll be provided with a solution that’s easy to implement and designed around the specific needs of your business. We’re flexible, our solutions are flexible, and we’ll never try to squeeze you into a configuration that isn’t perfect for your business.


Microsoft Teams Direct Call Routing

Take Microsoft Teams to the next level by using it as your phone system and receive 99.999% reliability by routing your phone service through Leap Telecom.

We make it easy!

Let us configure the right solution for you to extend Microsoft Teams' UC functionality to include our carrier-grade voice platform or integrate it with your existing telephony infrastructure.

Our White Glove Support means no stress for you.

Our white-glove support means you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to getting your business fully connected with a Voice-Enabled Microsoft Teams solution. From configuration to management and monitoring, our team handles the voice-enabled Microsoft Teams integration for you.


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No Hardware

Leap will provide a

Microsoft-certified SBC infrastructure built for you with end-to-end encryption.

Work Anywhere

Microsoft Teams can be installed on any PC, Mac or mobile device so now your team can make and receive work calls from your phone system wherever they are. 

Keep your phone system

Integrate your Leap Cadence PBX or any existing PBX to Microsoft Teams...meaning you can keep your phone system and hardware investment.

White-Glove Support

Our white glove-support means you don’t have to worry about a thing. From configuration to management and monitoring, our team handles the voice-enabled Microsoft Teams integration for you.


Voice-Enabled Microsoft Teams 

Maximize your communications tools by integrating Microsoft Teams with any existing phone system (PBX) to make and receive calls on the MS Teams app on any device, anywhere.

Don’t get stuck with limited options by other providers - schedule your free system analysis today with Leap and we’ll help you understand the different Microsoft Teams integration options and which solution is best suited for
your business.

Works with any phone system

 A few supported providers. For complete list, contact us in the above form.

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